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Making a Stand: Sporting Architecture - List it or Lose it Simon Inglis Thursday 11 January 2018

There are currently over 316,000 listed buildings in England, and thousands more in Scotland and Wales, but only a tiny proportion of these are related to sports or recreation. After 35 years of research in the field, Simon Inglis introduces us to some of the most interesting examples, from a 15th century tennis court in Scotland to a 1970s skate park in Essex. Why are these buildings – among them grandstands, pavilions, squash courts and scoreboards – so important? What do they tell us about our sporting heritage and social history? Why has it taken so long for recreational buildings to achieve the same level of protection afforded to buildings in other sectors? Wherever possible Simon will feature local examples in his lecture.

Writer and historian, Simon specialises in the architecture and heritage of sport and recreation. Although this might seem an unlikely subject for The Arts Society, non-sporty types need have no fear. Simon’s themes are architecture, design, heritage and popular culture.